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SILON was founded as a polyamide filament yarn producer in 1950. At present, SILON designs, produces and sells polyolefin-based performance compounds for applications in the construction and automotive industries, for hygiene, medical and general applications. The SILON global group supplies its products to more than 45 countries worldwide. Production plants are located in the Czech Republic (silon.eu) and in the Georgia, USA (silonllc.com)

Our experts have extensive experience working in the contract compounding field, helping customers to develop, innovate and outsource new products. SILON has successfully offered high-grade PE-Xb on the pipe and cable market under the TABOREX® brand name since 1994. Since 2017, when SILON invested in high-end Buss technology, it has been successfully supplying high-performance halogen-free (HFFR) and cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) thermoplastic compounds to the market under its own TABOCAB® brand. SILON compounds are the best choice for the production of power, renewable, control, signal and communication cables, as well as automotive and e-mobility cables.

International certification:
IATF 16949
ISO 9001
ISO 14001

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  • Easy process and high-speed production
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Balance of physical and barrier performance
  • Lower compound weight
  • Suitable for thin-wall applications


  • Excellent fire retardancy performance
  • Easy processability
  • Customized products
  • TPO and solutions available
  • Produced on high-end Buss technology



XLPE provides a very low loss factor, a low dielectric constant and excellent insulation properties.

suitable for
data and communication cables

XLPE has a high dielectric strength in combination with superior lowtemperature flexibility.

suitable for
automotive and railway applications

XLPE allows service temperatures up to 125°C and short-term maximum peak temperatures above 200°C without the danger of hydrochloric acid being released, as in the case in PVC.

suitable for
solar cables

XLPE shows generally good chemical resistance to acids, organics and mineral oils. Due to its low water uptake, XLPE does not show the treeing effect like polar polymers.

suitable for
power distribution cables

XLPE, in combination with LSF0H/HFFR jacketing, can be used in safety cable applications. LSF0H/HFFR materials have the same performance as standard halogenated materials without showing smoke, high toxicity or corrosiveness of fumes. These factors are the most critical, as lives can be saved in case of fire.

suitable for
safety cable applications

TABOCAB® cable compounds mainly cover solutions for low voltage applications suitable for construction, automotive, railway, renewable and industrial cables. Our portfolio includes Sioplas cross-linkable compounds (XLPE), thermoplastic and cross-linkable HFFR compounds (LSF0/HFFR; XLPE HFFR) as well as stabilisation packages and catalyst masterbatches.

Automotive and Railway

Renewable Energy