TABOCAB® compounds for solar cables

TABOCAB® cross-linkable compounds SXI 008 and SXG 011 from SILON are specially developed compounds for solar cable insulation and sheathing. Thanks to their durability, resistance to UV and chemicals, flexibility and outstanding dielectric and flame-retardant properties, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. 

TABOCAB® solar compounds description
TABOCAB® XLPE insulation and HFFR XLPE jacket compounds are produced by Sioplas technology, both moisture-cured and designed for photovoltaic and grid connection cables of up to 2 kV, with a service temperature of -40 – +90°C and extended service life (20 000 h at 120°C).

Typical application and advantages
Cable sheathing and insulation for PHOTOVOLTAIC CABLES in the construction of H1Z2Z2-K and in cables requiring EI 5 (EN 50363-5) compounds. The main advantages are excellent fire retardancy, easy processability, long life, flexibility, punch resistance, UV stability, lower weight, and production speed.

TABOCAB® solar cable compounds comply with: 

EN 50618, IEC 62930, EN 60332-1-2
For both compounds, SILON offers suitable catalyst masterbatches.
TABOCAB® SXI 008 : TABOCAB® CM 009 = 94 : 6 %
TABOCAB® SXG 011 : TABOCAB® CM 010 = 95 : 5 %