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SILON compounds make better cables

Silon was founded as a polyamide filament yarn producer in 1950. At present SILON designs, produces and sells polyolefin-based performance compounds and polyester fibers for applications in construction, the automotive industry, for hygienic and medical applications and for general processing as well. SILON offers industrial park services in Plana nad Luznici through its subsidiary company.

Silon has successfully offered high-grade PE-Xb on the pipe and cable market under the brand name TABOREX since 1994. SILON’s future offer in the cable industry will be strongly supported by its strategic investment in high-end Buss technology (Installation of a new high-tech production line in June 2018).

International certification:

DIN EN ISO 14001
Öko-Tex Standard 100 class I

follows the latest EU trends


  • Easy process and high-speed production
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Good balance of physical and barrier performance
  • Lower compound weight
  • Suitable for thin-wall applications


  • Excellent fire retardancy performance
  • Easy processability
  • Customized products
  • TPO and PE-Xb Solu ons available
  • Produced on high-end Buss technology

market overview

Wire & Cable are an essential part of today’s digitally-enriched life and the healthy growth of this segment is a profound indicator of an economy’s overall condition.

Expected Growth rate bvy 2021 – XLPE

  • Up to 259 kt (6.3 % / year) in 2021
  • Power 6.4 %, Railway 6.8 %, Automotive 7.6 %

Expected Growth rate by 2021 – LS0H/HFFR

  • Up to 323 kt (10.1 % / year) in 2021
  • Railway 13 %, Power 10.1 %, Telecom 9.8 %, Automotive 5 %

SILON product portfolio covers all main segments and is customer-driven and designed to satisfy the industry´s continuously evolving demands for higher technical performance. The continuously expanding range of applications of wires and cables across Transport, Industrial, Renewable and Construction are expected to bode well for the global consumption of wire and cable materials in the next few years.

Building wire and cable will remain the largest product segment and will be by far the fastest growing, followed by power and fiber-optic wire and cable. Total world consumption of wire and cable will rise from 32 million tons in 2017 to 35 million tons in 2021, a growth of 9 %. Construction will be the fastest growing market, surpassing electrical equipment to become the largest segment.